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    No worries. Just remember, a mage of one of the major disciplines (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit) is going to be more powerful/have a pool of more potent spells than a 'generalist' like a Druid......of course they're going to be somewhat limited as to their scope though.
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      I'm thinking a Filipino "mangkukulam", a sort of other-side-of-the-coin of "faith healers", though I should be able to do both. That would be spirit? Can hurt/kill/influence others using dolls or paper or pieces of clothing (a link) of the target, or through orasyon (prayer).

      Maybe my secondary character is a Kali practitioner, looking for the fabled Kris that renders invincibility from stabbing/puncture/cutting damage. (there are actually also anting-anting or amulets that are alleged to do the same)
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