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    chime in from the peanut gallery.

    I have played War in the East a few times.

    approx. where you guys are now is when I usually started to run into fuel issues. And it takes a bit for the inf to catch up with your Panzer units.

    The important thing I always found is try and find a way to cross those rivers infront of you now and let the inf catch up when they can. The Russians are going to start getting a lot of troops to dig in on those shortly and seriously delay your advance.

    a bridgehead will allow the inf to build up punch a whole that you can then toss your tanks through. otherwise its river assaults and we all know how fun those are for the attacker.


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      There is another option.

      Von Paulus's Pause was a featured option in Proud Monster.
      Yes, that von Paulus, but he was a wiz when it came to logistics... they probably should have kept him there.

      What he advocated was a 20-day pause in offensive operations to allow the supply situation to resolve itself. In our case, RR conversion would be allowed to catch up and we could rebuild worn-out units at the same time.

      It would have to be done sometime in August for best effect, so its just something to keep in mind for now.


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        Sorry for the delays, this week has been so busy I haven't had the time to sit down and record the video.

        Made some time though, so I'll be recording it in about an hour. I'll go back through everyone's posts over the past two weeks to get a list of questions that you want answered specifically.

        Expect the final video uploaded around dinner time.


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          Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

          Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

          by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


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            As a note I'll just keep the old OT discussion thread open because it doesn't really need an update.


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