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  • WW2 Squad Game- Character Creation

    PM me your ideas about your characters and I'll try and work something out with you. TacCovert4 has already made his, so I'll put it here as an example;

    Nepalese man who was discovered by monks in 1937, he was absolutely insane. Regaining sanity over time he came to believe that he was over 100 years old. Joining the British army as a Gurkha he was sent to fight the Japanese in 1942. His powers manifested during a battle in Bruma, where he displayed unnatural dexterity, senses and speed. He was quickly shipped to Britain to join the Other Talents.

    Now, on the eve of D-Day, he prepares to hit the beaches with his squad of Gurkhas.

    He has Unnatural co-ordination, he is more agile than any gymnast, he also has superior senses (better eyesight, smell, hearing). He has abnormally potent close combat skill. He can also run at nearly 60 kilometers per hour. Lastly, he has the power to regenerate serious wounds at an abnormal rate.

    These powers come at a cost, He believes himself to be from the 1800's, and has little understanding of modern technology. To heal, he needs to drink a special (and rare) Nepalese tea. The healing also causes violent illness. Lastly, his super-speed takes some time to stop, from max speed to standing still takes 50 yards of "braking".

    He carries two Kurkri and a modified Martini-Henry (modified to take SMLE cartridges) and is reluctant to use other weaponry.

    He has a squad of Gurkhas under his command, armed with 5 SMLE's, 2 Stens and 2 Bren guns (along with Kurkri).
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    A few more examples;

    Donny McGregor- "Piper"

    Donny McGregor was part of the rearguard for the evacuation of Greece. His men, convinced they were to be left behind, were discussing surrender among themselves. Saddened by their lack of courage, McGregor took up his bagpipes to play his men a rousing tune for the march past enemy lines. His men were emboldened unnaturally by the tune and pushed through the German lines. McGregor withstood numerous direct hits by weapons ranging in caliber from a 9mm pistol discharged from close range to the explosion of a 250kg bomb without taking a scratch. When he stopped piping on the opposite end of enemy lines he was hit with shrapnel and would have died were it not for the timely ministrations of Navy medical staff.

    McGregor now leads the STS (special Talent Service) Company covering the Omaha Beach landings, and will be your characters superior.

    Thomas Hardinge- Breastplate

    Thomas Hardinge had his talent manifestation in North Africa. He was a staff officer with the British Command during Operation Battleaxe. His command got separated from their main body and found themselves facing a German AA detachment. The Germans quickly wound down their 88's to face the exposed command group. Thomas told the rest of the staff to flee while he assaulted the Germans alone with his Webley. He realized his power when an 88 shell hit him directly in the chest and did sweet fu .... nothing. He managed to capture the battery by himself, before he was shipped to Britain to train with the STS.

    Thomas will be leading one of the other Platoons aiding the Omaha landings.
    Task Force Regenbogen- Support and Paras


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      I'm in. Thinking along the lines of mental manipulation.
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