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    That damn 24-hour edit rule really needs to be fixed.

    So, here's another post to re-work that thing, changes in red---

    Each Platoon;
    1st Squad- 9 x M-1 rifle, 1 x Thompson SMG, 1 x BAR, 1 x m1903 Sniper rifle
    2nd Squad- 8 x M-1 rifle, 2 x Thompson, 1 x BAR, 1 x Bazooka + M-1 Carbine
    3rd Squad- 6 x M-1 rifle, 3 x Thompson, 3 x BAR
    4th Squad- 6 x M-1 rifle, 1 x Thompson 2 x 30-cal MG, 2 x M-1 Carbines, 1 x Medic

    As many as I can get, plus;

    HQ Platoon;
    1st squad- 2 x m1903 Snipers, 4 x M-1 Rifles, 2 x Thompson SMG, 4 x M-1 Carbines + a Bazooka & Como gear.
    2nd Squad with ----, 1 x flamethrower, 3 x Thompson, 4 x M-1 Rifles, 4 x Medics
    Mortar Section; 2 x 60mm Mortar, 8 x M-1 Carbines,
    HMG Section, 2 x 50cal. M2, 8 x M-1 Carbine

    Two or three of the first and one of the later, just straight-leg Grunts, and enough of them to overrun the Orcs if we must

    Each man that does not have a Rifle or a Thompson will have a Colt 45 Pistol.
    I also need something to stash a good bit of ammo, maybe a couple of big Dodge 4x4s.


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      I'm thinking of doing a little trimming in the HQ Plantoon, like reduce 2nd squad to just the 4 Medics, and does it really take 12 men to keep two 50cal going?

      Here is a schematic of the LSI to show the basis of what I am working off of here;


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