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Dark Age RPG - Scene 3 - Ranwyn's Farm

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  • Dark Age RPG - Scene 3 - Ranwyn's Farm

    Bjorn approaches the main gate and begins banging (the gate and wall are low enough he can just see over them). A few minutes later one of the shuttered window partially opens. There appears to be no light coming from inside the building so its hard to see any shadows or movement but you definitely hear what sounds like furniture being moved inside.

    After another few minutes, you hear a voice from inside call out. "Who's out there? Is that you Ervaen? You've been gone for days, are the other knights with you?"
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    'What an opportunity,' Pyry thinks by himself, 'they need knights! I hope Bjorn can improvise upon it.'

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      "A traveler, from far away" Bjorn replies, as best as he can. "I would like to talk to a face."
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        The voice answers back, "Enter through the gate so we can see you." At about the same time he says this a torch is lit and held out one of the other formerly shuttered windows so that the gate and yard area is pretty well lit up.

        OOC: Just wanted to add that the language is not the same as yours but is close and similar to many of the other Scandanavian/Germanic dialects you have heard in the Baltics and Northern Germany. Not perfect translation, but close enough you do not have any trouble understanding what is being said.
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          Asketill opens the gate for Bjorn and others while keeping his hand near the axe handle.
          "We need to be careful" Asketill whispers to group.

          OOC: Asketill has his shield on his back and is using his spear as walking staff, it is faster to drop spear and take axe than trying to poke people with spear.
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            "Stay back here until I see what's going on", Bjorn whispers to the others. "No need to risk more than one of us."

            Bjorn eases through the gate and walks towards the light, axe on his back where it's less threatening, but his hand gingerly resting on his seaxe dagger, ready to draw it and fight. "I am Bjorn. Son of Geir. Who am I speaking with this night?" Bjorn shields his eye from the torch as he looks about for the man that spoke to him. "I do not come here for ill, I wish to sit and talk a moment with the master of the house."
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              Kyler is trying to avoid riveting on the tense scene unfolding at the gate, and to keep an eye out for anything else that might be happening (e.g. others moving around outside the compound etc.)


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                The figure in the window replies, "Name's Oldial, Lord Haradoc's forester and current owner of this farm."

                Out from behind the main door step 2 men. Both armed with spears although from the way they're holding them, they don't appear really familiar with their use.

                Oldial continues speaking from the window although he pushes the shutters the rest of the way open.
                "From your clothing, I'd say you're not from around these parts. We don't see many traveler's this far north in Scotland except for the rare Englishman." He pauses and you hear the distinct sound of spitting. "If you come in peace we can provide a warm fire, food and shelter for the night but we must ask you to leave your weapons outside this house. In the morning you can head on into the village and seek longer term shelter at the Broken Wheel. They usually have space for travellers there this time of year."

                Inside you see more light flare up as another lamp is lit.
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                  "We are not English as you say. We come from distant land. And our custom is to repay the host with protection so long as we remain. I would ask then that we keep our small weapons and store the others at your house while we stay, and on my honor as Jarl no harm shall come to this house this night. We will eat and we will talk. " Bjorn motions to the sheath on his belt to indicate a "small weapon".

                  Bjorn motions for the rest of the men to come into the courtyard. ...noting in his mind that even with only a seaxe he could probably defeat both the "spearmen" that stand at the house door.
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                    I assume by 'weapons' you'd not be intending to include 'eating implements'?


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                      "I thought you ate with your fingers?" says Olav with a smile..

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                        Oldial motions to the 2 "spearmen" to stand down, then steps out through the doorway. "When you say we, how many is that? This farmhouse is very small and cramped as there are 11 of us living here, myself, these 2 men, my wife and children and 5 knights although, these 2 men stay out near the barn to sleep after we have dinner and are ready to bed down.

                        If there are more than a few I would have to offer the barn as there would be more room there. There's a large hole in the roof but its warm and there is no rain forecast for the next few days."

                        OOC: I updated the 1st post with the farm compound layout. You have the main house in the north, the stables in the southeast (no horses, just didn't feel like trying to edit them out by hand). And in the southwest, the barn.
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                          OOC: Finally we get to know where we are! Are we all in the barn now?
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                            The barn sounds good. Perhaps we could offer to help patch the roof in compensation for their hospitality? We might also offer to help keep guard ourselves? Perhaps I can find out about the 'running water' now?


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                              "It is agreeable. The barn will not offend my men. We are ten or so." Bjorn says as the men come into the courtyard. Bjorn unslings his great dane axe and hands it to Asketill before walking up towards the man. "It is an honor. Thank you for your hospitality. My men will settle themselves. ...then should they come here to eat?" Bjorn looks at him expectantly. "I should like to meet these knights. "

                              He motions to the men. "Put the gear in the barn. And post a watch for the household. I'll take last watch. If you're not on watch belted tools only. We don't want to offend our hosts. Then we will eat. "
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