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    FWIW my secondary weapon is a small axe that can be used for melee or thrown.


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      Perhaps we post here or PM you our combat skills and weapons we have on our character sheets? For instance, in order of skill I am equipped with Shortbow, Spear, Battleaxe, and Round Shield. However, I'm better skilled with both dagger and hands than I am with axe or shield.

      We should also note physical characteristics, like height, frame, stamina, endurance and strength. Those with better qualities in these areas should be the primary melee fighters. Not all of us need to be skirmishers however. Against a small force, all we need to do is pick off enemy skirmishers and harass their flanks. But we should make sure they don't flank our line. Can't we expect the archers to fire at the enemy before they close on us and depending on their strength, we can join the line?
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        So, based on forums posts, the current active "Core" and NPC's (inactive player's or those unable to to commit to the game again at this time) of the group are the following;

        Bjorn (TacCovert4)
        Olav: (Pruitt)
        Nagnar: (GMan88)
        Asketill: (Senorankka)
        Einar: (Pending??)
        Larnis: (andrewza)
        Erik: (Super Six 4)
        Snaerr: (Snowygerry)
        Fraet: (Frtigern)

        Pyry: (major sennef)
        Kyler: (deadkenny)

        NOTE: This list is not final. It's main use is for me track the players who are "Active" at the moment the post was made. Anyone flagged as an NPC can jump back when they want and as their time permits (we all have stuff that comes up form time to time).

        Anyone who does NOT intend to continue, please feel free to PM me and I will flag your PC as a Permanent NPC to be used as a meatshield.
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