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    Too bad that the adventures that are played out in the PMs never will be known to the public

    You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


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      Herbert II "The Golden", Fourth of his name*, Lion of Hamburg, Dragon of the North-March, He of the God Touched Hair sat at his table consuming a light meal of bread and water. He had fasted since discovering the existence of heathens on the sacred soil of christian land. The reports were ... less than stellar. this heathen heretic, "The Hammer", had amassed a large army. the thought that so many could turn from the truth of god disturbed Herbert.

      However Herbert knew his purpose, god had intended him, from birth, to cleanse the weak. That is why he had been bestowed with the epithets "Dragon" and "Lion", God had given him the strength to take down the unjust, and scatter the weak who fell from the path of God. he was both a savior and an arbiter of justice.

      his chief retainer, Jorgen of Fenhilde, entered the tent.

      "Sir, your standing orders have been distributed, however some of the men are disgruntled, the crossbowmen think they are being thrown to the dogs and the knights are angered at not being placed in the van, they respect your judgement but know not why."

      "Pull out your sword Jorgen"

      Jorgen dutifully drew his weapon, a finely crafted blade, though not as fine as his lieges weapon, a specially crafted glaive containing metal that fell from the sky on the day of his birth, shining brightly with the radiance of the Lord.

      "swing your sword Jorgen, I believe you know how"

      Jorgen swung his sword, causing the metal to hiss through the air. being a professional soldier, training from the age of ten, he was more than proficient with the weapon.

      "excellent form Jorgen, now swing your sword with a single had and your eyes closed"

      still not being able to fathom his masters design, Jorgen obeyed

      "Much sloppier. you, like this army, like this tool of god, works best when it works in unison. The arm does not jockey with the leg for a better position, the eyes do not question what the mind wishes to see, a true heart does not fear and a holy liver does not quail in the face of death. My army has been constructed through gods instrument, myself, for the purpose of removing heathens from this earth, the lord does speak to me through instincts and urges. Those orders, though delivered from my lips were spoken with all the authority of the holy trinity. Go among my soldiers, tell them what I have said. ask the eye not to close, beg the leg to give way to the arm, embolden hearts and darken livers, tomorrow we face out foe and, god willing, we shall smite him with all the authority of holy writ."

      Understanding on his face and devotion clear, Jorgen went to spread the word. Memory of a rumor started at the onset of crusade entered his mind, he had overheard a teamster claiming that Herbert was the second messiah, warlike where the first was meek, vengeful where the first was forgiving. Jorgen shuddered. the thought was compelling, and campfire stories throughout the army grew wilder every day, and the men's hearts were full of true devotion. Regardless of his stance on the great chain of being, Jorgen knew one thing for certain. No truer leader of men did exist on this earth.

      *He is the second Herbert to hold the title "Prince of Hamburg", however he is fourth in his dynasty to hold that name.
      Task Force Regenbogen- Support and Paras


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        Quite. As soon as I get maps from my esteemed cartographer, I'll be distributing to BG2 and to those at large for the battles about to commence.

        It is that most wonderful time of the year when it can be difficult to get every piece in one place at the same time....
        Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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          Battle of Oedenburg!

          And on the day fore the Sabbath, a cold and damp day, the mist hanging from the previous night's rain, the armies paths dist cross. From the North the Golden-clad Warriors of Herbert marched down the cart path as their Prince drove them to meet their new allies, who marched North from Oedenburg. But to the East, the dawn was greeted with the tramping of feet as well, as Eduard, called the Hammer, marched to take on his foe the Count in the field.

          Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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            Siege of Graf Marburg Phase 1

            As Count Lucas showed no sign of surrendering immediately, Raymond of Toulouse encircled the Count's fort and home in trench works to protect his men from the intermittent rain of crossbow bolts, and settled them in for a siege. He also built a fortified camp near the crossroads, from which rode and marched large parties of foragers, pillaging the countryside. The saws and axes could be heard throughout the day as three engines were built to show the Count the Duke's resolve to win through surrender or to batter him into submission if he refused.

            An emissary, a captured horseman of the Count, had been sent into the Graf with messages for Count Giso. But he was not inclined to heed the warnings of what may happen if he refused to open his gates and surrender his holdings to Raymond's Army. Indeed, even an attempt at subterfuge was thwarted, as the mercenary-turned-traitor was given a message on the day that the Duke had appointed for his fellow cavalry to open the gates to the Graf in return for much gold. A note was pinned to his chest with a nail, and he was flung from the battlements towards the seems there may be an engine behind those walls....

            Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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              Battle of Oedenburg Phase I

              The armies have bespied one another, and deploy on the field. Herbert the Golden deploys at the gap in the forest by the creek, serried ranks of gilded infantry blocking the gap with a wall of shield and spear and glaive. To the rear horses can be seen.....

              To the South, Count Lucas deploys his foot soldiers, mostly spearmen at a glance, into four battles, while leading his heavy cavalry to his left flank where the roadbed and pasture can provide decent footing. Riders race back and forth between the two armies....

              Eduard the Hammer deploys his few fully equipped spearmen to the South, into the edge of the plowed stubble. But the center looks like the entire population of Count Lucas' territory has come out, a huge mass of men with weapons in their hands, fronted by lightly equipped archers in a skirmish line.

              The battle appears to be about to begin in earnest.....

              Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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                Siege of Graf Marburg Phase 2

                (The previous map suffices for this map for next phase most likely).

                The sieging forces of Duke Raymond of Toulouse maintain their lines, and a daily routine of sorts, from insults to bolts and rocks sets in. On the first night of the new moon, parties of volunteer infantry burst from the works with ladders and grapnels, and dash the two hundred paces to the wall. Two of three parties get to their section of the wall without incident, the fourth section of wall being on that near unassailable gully. But the third group is spotted by an alert archer on the battlements, and the alarm is sounded as on the North wall crossbowmen on duty rush to take the lightly protected men under fire from their lofty perches. The alertness of the garrison means that as the other parties begin climbing they're detected as well. But only a few men are on guard duty, and nearly three hundred volunteers rush for the summit of the wall and the prize of the gatehouse.

                Even in the face of dozens of bolts, the embattled party manage to make the summit of the wall, where the battle begins in earnest, daggers and axes and maces clash in the dark as the defenders desperately endeavor to throw them off the wall. Elsewhere, spearmen and crossbowmen pour out into the courtyard and up the towers and walls, sergeants and a couple of knights shouting orders and directing them to the embattled portions of the wall. The first rush of spearmen to the wall manages to bolster the wavering crossbowmen, and the third party is thrown back off the wall with a few of the men physically being thrown off....the spearmen and most of the unwounded crossbowmen then turned and raced to the Western wall, leaving behind a few men to guard the attack site and shoot at the withdrawing volunteers.

                Raymond's party on the West wall had managed to establish itself somewhat, with a couple dozen men on the wall before the first rush of defenders reached them in force. The battle there began to rage as near equal numbers clashed to either take or retake their portion of wall. The initial superiority of the Tolousian infantry was washed away in a staccatto of bolts as a hasty party of crossbowmen fire into them from below, getting past their shields while they are turned to fight the spearmen and crossbowmen on the wall itself.....

                In the South, the surprise had not been as complete as it was in the West, but Raymond's volunteers were able to concentrate fully on the gatehouse, charging it as soon as the first men gained the wall. Their efforts were met with mixed success....none of Giso's guards were able to get onto the wall, but neither were any of the volunteers able to clear the doorway into the gatehouse without being stabbed or shot. As more defenders organized to clear the walls of opposition, the leader of the volunteers pushed his men, most now on the wall, to a concerted rush, using the press of bodies and shields to hammer through the splintered door and into their objective. The rush is successful as they finally clear through the few remaining guards and the gatehouse is theirs....torches are flung from the battlement to signal men waiting in the trenches, an assault force of heavy infantry and dismounted knights ready for their vengeance upon this annoying pimple of a fortress.

                Back on the Western wall, Giso's and Raymond's soldiers pitch into one another with abandon, and one last push by Giso's men meets with little resistance, as half of the remaining volunteers flee towards the now captured gatehouse, and the other half flee down the ladder or ropes to the ground below and safety.....Giso's now tired guards continue to rush around to begin the final battle for the most important of the battlements of the Graf.

                Inside the Gatehouse, and on the wall near it, Raymond's men hunker down, awaiting their reinforcement as they huddle behind their shields. The spearmen and crossbowmen (with daggers) on the wall slam into them and the fight begins in desperation once again. Crossbowmen and spearmen on the ground attack their own lower doors with axes to open them and allow them to charge up. And from the Keep, along the Eastern Wall, comes a rush of Knights, lead by Giso himself, noticed only as they shouted a challenge before pitching into the other side of their own gatehouse in freshly roused fury. On the ground, infantrymen rush towards the gate, expecting it to shortly open, and ignoring the bolts sleeting in from the far end of the South wall. To the West side of the gatehouse the light infantry hold their own, their axes and maces better suited to the close fight than spears and daggers. On the East side, however, they begin to give, as a number of the knights took the time to throw on maille byrnies, and their swords and axes equally or better suited to a close quarters fight. The sliver of light for Raymond though is that the doors at the base of the gatehouse prove exceedingly tough, and the growing number of troops in the courtyard are unable to assist in the intense melee.

                Seeing that the gatehouse may be lost before they arrive, the leader motions with a torch for the heavy infantry to use the ladder and grapnels, figuring that they can still attain the wall and eliminate one threat, allowing the gate to open once more. Miraculously, the captain of the heavy infantry manages to decipher the intent, and sends a small party of men to the ladder....who instantly come under heavy fire from the crossbowmen as they go to set the ladder back up against the wall.

                The Volunteers make one last valiant push, and drive the spearmen on the West back onto the wall, clearing the door to the gatehouse and sending two men down to unbar the first gates. Their push against the knights is similarly successful, and though casualties are mounting their desperation proves extremely motivating. But nothing can help that the second gate is barred from within, and the men that try to get the bar with grapnels from the battlement of the gatehouse are shot down with bolts.

                The First company of two hundred heavy infantry and a handful of knights reach the gates, and rush through to the second one, where they attack it fervently with their axes and maces, trying to batter a way through the thickly bound oaken planks. Up on the battlements, a fresh push of spearmen makes no headway, but a rush of fresh knights cracks through and once again the small space inside the gatehouse is filled with death, as men struggle with daggers and swords held in the half-grip. Kicks, stomps, and even biting occur as the volunteers fight for their very lives, just as the knights do. More men rush up the steps from inside the gatehouse, but they're met at the top with swords and axes, and are thrown back violently, a few knights and spearmen able to keep them from aiding their fellows. A renewed attack from the West catches the volunteers weakened, and spearmen and crossbowmen once again have the gatehouse, the last few volunteers leaping from the battlements instead of face certain torture.

                At the inner gate, the men continue to hack gashes into the wall as others try to force their way up into the now hostile gatehouse. Above them, crossbowmen uncover the murder-holes, and throw rocks and shoot their projectiles from above. Seeing the lack of progress, and knowing that his position is untenable, the captain withdraws back to his lines in good order, managing to not lose any more men after he clears the wall.

                The fighting was desperate, and the casualties substantial, and in the morning, the bombardment started, as the South Wall was targeted by three engines, seeking to breach....
                Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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