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Chapter 3; The Mask is Strange,

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  • Chapter 3; The Mask is Strange,

    Okay, I just need reactions from 2 players and we can get Dutch/Andrewza into this with a quick set-up post from me. As I said, we will back him up a little to allow for a richer RP experience. If Anderwza likes, he can have full control of the rest of the crew, or I can keep running them as NPCs

    Keep in mind that this setting is Earth, just as it was aside from the changes made in this narrative and the Char's influences on it.

    That is all, for now.

    I need something from TaC and TAG especially, before I can give Dutch a proper welcome.
    Your first posts here can be counted as reactions to the end of the last thread.

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    Okay, since we are running a day late and a dollar short for Andrewza, I am going to get this started as if Dutch and his crew just arrived after their hair-raising battle to prevent terrorists from blowing up a port, an oil refinery and possibly burn down a quarter of Borneo.


    Then see below.
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      Okay.... this is what TAG originally posted at the end of Chapter 2. I have transported the relevant bits here to get Chapter 3 going.

      Murotsu keeps a low profile with non-descript clothing and being faded. Lori on the other hand is anything but…
      She shows up in an absolutely skin tight body suit that definitely leaves little to the imagination. It is a bright shade of blue and has flowers that bloom and then disintegrate into petals that fall down it. As she moves the suit seems to flow like water over her while the flowers seem to float almost in three dimensions on the surface of it. She also has a pistol holster strapped to one leg.
      Vondonna spins Damien around. “YOU are NOT looking at THAT!” she exclaims to Lori’s giggling.
      “What the HELL do you think you are doing wearing something like that? Where did you get that anyway!?” Vondonna exclaims.
      “It is a body suit from my time” Lori says. “They are very expensive and have a number of useful features. If you like I can show you later. For many people wearing one is nearly addicting. You can put it under other clothes; I frequently do that here.”
      Vondonna looks skeptically at Lori. “That doesn’t explain wearing it here.”
      “Mister Damien and you have said the crew of this boat that is arriving are important and useful to us. I simply intended to use my built in ability to persuade others to increase that usefulness.”
      Vondonna just rubs her forehead as she shakes her head.

      The motor torpedo boat approaches and ties up to the pier. There is not much fanfare about it. Damien and a few of the others are on the pier. He told Lori in particular, along with those unnecessary for tying the boat up to get out of sight for the moment.
      We'll play a little fast & loose with the exact timing and locations for a bit until I can get it all nailed down... or maybe better to let the players sort that out as they prefer in this chapter.

      Revy sneers; "The (bleep)ing heroes of Balikpapan, what a-"
      A boy of about 13 sitting across from her nods fiercely and smiles, cutting her off. "Yes yes, you really are, we saw the whole thing. You were amazing!"
      Its not what he says that stops Revy cold, but the thick Romanian accent.

      Benny; "You saw it?"
      "Yup, yes, hacked the Al-Jezeera live-feed, pre-production, not the edited junk they put on the air."
      “Oh, so now you guys are hacking satellites are you…?!”
      “Nah“, the boy says innocently. “Kapitan Lori does that for us! She gets all the best anime too!”

      Kapitan?! Dutch replies his ears perking up. You have somebody like
      Balalaika working for you now Damien? I thought I knew you better than that!”
      Damien rubs his forehead and sighs. “Kapitan Lori Sixteen is nothing like Fry Face.”
      What the f%^! Damien are you really competing with Hotel Moscow now?!” Revi sneers in surprise. “You can’t be that f%^! stupid!”
      Damien gives her an indulgent smile, which only makes it worse, then adds; "If those new-comers don't know their place, they will find that I had something set to deal with the likes of those folks since before they arrived."
      “We gonna get to meet this super hacker?” Benny asks, now as much excited as curious.
      “How come I get a bad feeling about this?” Rock interjects.
      “SHUT UP ROCK!” Revi exclaims. “So, what about it Damien? You gonna show us your latest acquisition or…”
      Damien;. “She isn’t an acquisition.”
      "Things have changed, if the nature of your last assignment didn't tell you that its a whole new, and very final, game that is going on out there. Pariah warned me about that.
      However, the connection is twisted an indirect. I Don't KNOW how this all fits together yet, so I won't fill your head with nonsense.
      And, Revy, if you can't say anything nice, you should keep that evil mouth of yours shut around my guests. If you don't, I will have the flesh torn from your face and rammed so far up your baby-maker that your last thought will be to know how the snake that devoured itself feels. Are we clear on that?"

      His saying so should clear up the mystery about how the exact thing happened to a vicious Hong-Kong Madame 4 years ago. If not, Vondonna will remind them.

      Damien just gives up arguing at that point. He waves his hand signaling the others can come out and meet the Lagoon crew. It’s Lori that nearly instantly gets their attention. She in the middle of a group of kids all walking towards the boat. At 180 cm or so tall with her heels, that incredible body suit, and her appearance in general it’s impossible to miss her. Vondonna is following and Murotsu goes unnoticed off to one side with her jacket hood up and being fully faded. Kotomi, next to Lori can’t compete for attention.
      Rock just stares in amazement. Benny stares mouth dropped open. Dutch is hard to read. His expression really does not change and you can see his eyes behind those sunglasses.
      Blank!” Revi exclaims.
      The kids laugh and prance around Lori and Kotomi who hold the hands of a few of them. The herd arrives on the pier where Benny and Rock get a close up view of things. Dutch is still on the boat with Revi and Damien.
      “You were right my friend” Dutch says to Damien. “She’s nothing like Fry Face!”

      On the pier Benny stammers “You are a hacker?!” The kids all laugh and point at Lori. “Hacker!” they exclaim laughing.
      Kotomi recognizes Rock as Japanese and immediately engages him in Japanese “Hello, I am Ichinose, Kotomi. Who might you be?” she says to him with a small bow and wave of the hand Japanese style.
      That distracts Rock from his staring at Lori. “Oh! Hello” he replies pleasantly. “I am Okajima, Rokuro very nice to meet you…”
      The two start to talk.

      Lori walks up to Benny who is still awe struck by her appearance.
      “I need a f$>& drink!” Revi exclaims. She starts to get off the boat and head towards the compound.
      “Don’t get into any trouble Two Hands” Dutch calls after her.
      She waves a hand back at him without turning around. She just gives Lori a dirty look as she passes her.

      “It must be your system on this boat I was told to remove my surveillance from” Lori says very sweetly to Benny with a smile that gives Benny a whole new problem.
      “THAT WAS YOU!” Benny exclaims with a newfound reason to be even more infatuated with Lori. “You really ARE the Goddess of Hacking! I LOVE YOU!” He starts to lunge to hug her.
      That ends instantly as Lori now has her pistol screwed up his right nostril.
      “You are eww. You smell bad, need a bath, and considerable improvement in your hygiene. Do not touch me! Do not talk to me until you are clean.” she says in “pilot voice.”

      “Warned all of you…” Damien says calmly. "Lori dear, I think he'd prefer to blow his nose himself."
      Dutch is just laughing too hard to say anything. So are the kids who now taunting Benny “Smelly belly!” and other similar stuff.

      “Um Miss, um I am sorry but is that really necessary?” Rock interjects into Lori’s threatening Benny.
      Lori looks at him without removing the pistol from Benny’s nose. She inches it up a bit instead putting him on the tips of his toes. “Yes. He is eww.”
      “I’ll bathe! I’ll get a hair cut! Just tell me what you want!” Benny grovels.
      This has gotten Revi’s attention she half shouts at Benny “She’s out of your class Benny! And I like how she uses a gun!”

      Revi turns to continue towards the compound for her drink taking about two steps and crashes into the faded and all but invisible Kasakabe. That surprises her as Murotsu seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.
      Muro gives Revi a toothy grin. “Touch again fa’yu DIE!” she growls now holding two foot plus long blades where Revi can see them.
      “I don’t know who the f^$& you think you are b*^>#h but you are DEAD!” Revi sneers back going for her Cutlass pistols.
      The two are now clearly ready to go at each other.
      “Kasakabe NO!” Lori says turning towards her. “No dueling today.” Lori still has her pistol up Benny’s nose however. An incongruity that earns her some odd looks, especially from Oaan and Sian.
      “What’d I tell you?” Dutch shouts at her. “Play nice with the girl.”
      Muro and Revi continue to stare at each other. “Kasakabe. Out drink YOU fa’yu!” she grins at Revi.
      “It’s so on blank!” Revi replies with an equally evil smile. “You are going down!”
      The two turn and head for the compound.

      “Where on Earth did you find those two?!” Dutch asks Damien.
      Damien; "They found me. Yeah, that's supposed to be impossible, but they did. Time stands still for no man, isn't that what they say? We have a lot to talk about. I'd like to hear about the situation in Ranapor (he still pronounces it like that, instead of 'Ruanapoor', he's a true old-timer). I hear my church is into drug-running, and apparently Hotel Moscow is getting a bit big for their britches... if this Revy person can be believed."

      (Sorry for usurping Dutch and the others but I wanted it all to mesh quickly)

      ((well, I'd say you did fine. If Andrewza has any problems with this he can make revisions. Onward!))
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        More importantly, even though Damien knows better than to say it yet, they are not from Earth...


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          "Sister" Eda comes strolling up with a phone in her hand and asks ; "What are your real names, and can any of you fly a plane?"

          Chris would be the only hope for that, Sushulana and Kendra don't fly much at all.


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            There's always Lori when it comes to flying....


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              Damien stopped by Lori’s quarters to ask her about flying the Focke-Wulf. As always he made sure to be as dirt and smell free as possible knowing her idiosyncrasy for cleanliness.
              “I wanted to ask if you could do something…” he starts only to be cut off by her.

              “I have what you asked about on North Korea” she replies as she brings up one of the large holodisplays he’s seen her use before.
              This display shows the Korean peninsula and surrounding seas. There are little dots Damien recognizes as data points or targets of interest moving in the sea areas. He can also see that the display shows the ocean / sea areas without the water; just the underlying bottom. The dots seem to float and move in 3D within the display.
              “It took me a bit to find suitable systems to tap into that could provide the necessary data” Lori adds. She reaches into the display and “pulls” one of the dots out towards her. It resolves into a submarine with numerical data… Damien recognizes it as Ginsharian… around it.
              “This is the United States nuclear submarine Omaha. It is moving at twelve kilometers an hour on a course of one-seven-three true at a depth of one hundred seven meters.”
              She puts the dot back then takes another one out. It is a much smaller boat. “This is a North Korean Song-O type two diesel submarine. It is moving at four point two kilometers an hour, eighty nine relative at a depth of thirty meters.”
              She puts the dot back.

              “You know where every submarine is off Korea?!” Damien stammers
              “I am not even going to ask how you managed that!”
              “Thank you Mister Damien as I cannot tell you. It is classified Ginsharian military information.”
              She’s just made every submarine in the world worthless! Unbelievable! What would the major powers pay to have access or keep this out of their opponent’s hands…! he thinks in amazement.

              “What I actually came here to ask you is, can you fly the Focke-Wulf?”
              “Yes. I have already accessed all available data on that aircraft’s flight parameters and systems. I can fly it.”
              He hesitates just a moment thinking Gotta remember I’m talking to a living computer here…
              “I would like you to fly it. Would today be possible?”
              “I will come to the hanger in thirty minutes if that is acceptable” Lori replies.

              At the hanger Lori shows up in one of her skin tight body suits with Kotomi tagging along. She explains that it is the equivalent of a Terran G-suit pilots wear. She then gets in the Focke-Wulf. With Daminen and Kotomi watching her she seems to run her fingers over everything in the cockpit.
              “It is a box office today” she says with a smile to Damien. “That is a joke.”
              Kotomi covers her mouth laughing more at the way Lori told it than the joke itself while Damien chuckles and replies “Still full of surprises…”
              With Lori satisfied everything is working to her satisfaction she starts the aircraft, Damien stands nearby with a fire extinguisher as the engine comes to life. At first it is a bit rough but smooths out as Lori adjusts the mixture and other controls.

              Taxiing out Lori takes the plane airborne. The landing gear slowly retracts just a bit unevenly but completely. For the next 45 minutes or so she circles the airfield at various altitudes. The plane makes very precise maneuvers and changes of attitude. Some of the maneuvers end in stalls or partial deviations from clean flight and after the first few of these it is apparent she is trying to find the limits of the aircraft’s flight envelope.
              She then brings the plane in for a textbook landing. With the engine off and canopy open Damien greets her. “Well did you like flying it?”
              Lori gives him an odd look and in pilot voice says. “I have not flown this airplane yet. I was only determining its operational characteristics and comparing them to the data I have. There are some differences I noted but noting critical. I will fly this airplane when it is serviced and ready for another flight.”

              She then softens her expression “I cannot wait to try it! It is so different from flying something with electronics!”

              It takes about an hour to service and ready the Focke-Wulf for a second flight. News travels and by then everybody has shown up to watch Lori actually fly the plane.

              Lori taxis out again. This time she brings the plane to full power before starting a take off run. The Focke-Wulf roars down the runway. The tail comes up and the second the wheels leave the ground they start to retract.
              The plane continues to accelerate but stays low and disappears over the trees at the far end of the runway. Things go quiet for a moment then the Focke-Wulf reappears somewhat higher heading at high speed for the airfield.
              As it gets over the middle of the field it shoots up into a steep climb. Just before it stalls, Lori shoves it hard over in a left turn forcing it into a spin. In just under two thirds of a rotation she has it leveled out and again accelerating away. The plane turns, twists, tumbles, and roars in the sky above the airfield. At one point she makes a run down the runway with the prop inches from the ground and close enough to the small crowd that they can see her wave to them from the cockpit. It is clear she is enjoying flying it.
              The kids all cheer and ooh and ah as it maneuvers above them. Kotomi has a video camera out and is recording the flight.
              Murotsu excitedly tells Damien and Vondonna “Lori best! No better!” Damien knowing roughly what a Focke-Wulf should be able to do just wonders how Lori is getting it to do some of the things he sees her doing with it.
              The “show” just goes on and on Lori showing no signs of giving up throwing that plane all over the sky.

              After nearly an hour she brings it in for a landing. Getting out she looks absolutely no worse for wear and hardly seems even the smallest bit tired. “That was wonderful!” she exclaims. “Once I started it was as if I became one with the airplane!” She runs her hand over its skin almost as if it were a living breathing thing to her.
              Vondonna interrupts her. “Um, I’m no expert on these things but is this a problem?” What she is pointing at is the wing root area where there are numerous popped rivets, others are now lose, along with some of the screws obviously having their heads snapped off.

              Lori puts her hand over her mouth. “Oh my! I am so, so sorry! I have damaged the Focke-Wulf! I will pay for the repairs. It was my fault it became damaged” she adds firmly.

              Damien pats her shoulder. “That’s not necessary. You’ve shown me what I wanted to see. We’ll get it fixed so you can take it out again if you want. Only next time be a bit more gentle with it okay?” he says chuckling.

              I have my pilot
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                Damien will think about that for a moment and then have a couple of techs brought in to drill out and replace all the rivets in this thing before he lets it go up again.
                "I wonder if there are any big air-shows up north, like in the next couple of months? Lets get this baby painted up in WW2 colors, and go show off somewhere civilized."
                By "up north" he means China, Japan, of even South Korea.


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                  Originally posted by The Exorcist View Post

                  "Sister" Eda comes strolling up with a phone in her hand and asks ; "What are your real names, and can any of you fly a plane?"

                  Chris would be the only hope for that, Sushulana and Kendra don't fly much at all.
                  "Chris" he says somewhat coldly, as if he were expecting someone else. The girls introduce themselves. Sister Eda looks about, a bit frustrated. Chris shrugs slightly and says "Depends on what you've got in mind if you're needing me to fly."

                  "You can fly?" Kendra starts. Sulshanna looks at him a bit sideways as well. "Occupational hazard in my line of work. Sometimes you need to get out of someplace quickly and pilots have a knack for taking their time and running late. Of course sometimes you don't want the pilot to know you're borrowing his plane." "I thought you said you were a contractor?" Kendra asks, "They have their own pilots and planes." "I was a contractor. A bit of a specialist. And I preferred to work alone when I could get away with it." Chris replies coldly, implying that this line of conversation is over.

                  "Well I hope it's good enough to get you where you're going" Sister Eda mutters. "Come with me."

                  Getting into a somewhat rickety car, they make their way to the airport. A throwback to cold war times, with the emphasis on not being renovated since the cold war. Ducking into a well-worn hangar through a rusted doorway, Eda shows them their 'ride'. "So, is this something you can fly?"

                  From his time in the bush Chris recognizes the old bird..."A Caribou? I can probably handle it. It's not too much more complicated than the other planes I've flown. But I don't ever recall seeing one with quite this setup." Chris points to hardpoints on the wings, outboard of the propeller arc, and to what appear to be faired over gun mounts on the starboard side. As he walks around to port and pokes his head in he sees a few pallets on the bay floor, and what he takes for pintle mounts attached to the airframe ribs at four of the windows. "Oh it's had a few owners", Eda waves dismissively "they might have rigged it to do different jobs. Things can get interesting from time to time."

                  Chris gets up in the cockpit as Eda removes the wheel chocks and the girls heave a greased but rusty hangar door fully open. After some fumbling Chris manages to figure out the control layout, and runs through his pre-flight.

                  Halfway through, Eda comes up into the cockpit. "Um, how long is this going to take?" "Depends" Chris replies, "How far are we going?" Eda hands him a GPS unit that shows an island and an air-mileage of 1300. "And we do need to hurry up" Chris looks at her quizzically "why?" "The plane's owner might be in a truck across the runway, and he might be suspicious", Eda mutters under his breath.

                  Chris looks out and sees several men around an SUV, some of them pointing towards the now open hangar. "You might have mentioned that earlier", Chris says, cutting on the fuel pumps and going for a start on the engines. "Get the girls in here and that hatch closed. Hmm...full tanks...and I probably don't want to know what's in those pallets" Chris points at a line of pallets strapped to the cargo deck, each tightly wrapped with a tarp. "Full tanks, short field aircraft, hardpoints.....we're stealing a gun smuggler's plane, aren't we?" Eda just shrugs as the girls clamber into their seats and she dogs the hatch shut. Outside, the SUV is bounding across the grass between the taxiways as the big Pratt and Whitney's roar to life and Chris steers the lightly loaded bird out of the hangar and towards the runway. The chase is on, but even as a passenger of the SUV leans out with pistol in hand and opens fire, Chris firewalls the throttles and sends the truck careening in the wash of 1450hp driven props. Without ever touching the runway once, the Caribou scrambles for the sky, using all of its famed short field abilities.....

                  In the back, Kendra hangs onto her seat, white-knuckled, as Sulshanna tries not to vomit, failing miserably. Eda just sits, contemplative, as they wing low over Thailand and out to sea on their steady course to Natuna. Eventually Kendra works up the courage to climb into the cockpit, and finds Chris adjusting the limited autopilot as he skirts the edge of a thunderstorm, the plane rattling and bouncing about, and more sounds of retching from the cargo bay.....

                  Hours later, as the sun is beginning to set, Chris spots an island, and none too soon, the fuel tanks only have another hour or so left in them. In a yo-yo-ing series of descents he aims for a runway, somewhat deserted except for a small knot of people near another plane, a single-engine job. Trying not to crash in the failing light, Chris manages to get all the wheels on the ground after the third bounce. As the plane rolls to a stop he looks out his window and sees that he probably ruined a shock absorber, but the landing strut at least appears straight.

                  Kendra, and especially Sulshanna, on the other hand, are not quite as pleased with his work. Kendra and Eda physically restrain Sulshanna, the former having the presence of mind to take her pistol, as she launches into a detailed description of something in a language that Chris does not understand. Chris just shrugs and steps off the plane, after all he never claimed to be a good pilot, or even a real pilot for that matter. Plus there are more pressing matters than one passenger's opinion of her pilot's flying skill, like why he's here at all. Standing just beyond the wingtip is Damien......
                  Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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                    Natuna Besar, still mid-March-

                    Chris has probably have heard of this man. The Heretic, is supposed to be the last of the "founders" of that lawless pest-hole you just came from. He does not seen like such a bad dude, 50-ish and smiling at you.
                    "Yours is the 2nd trio of refugees Pariah has sent my way. I can only hope that your turn out to be as interesting and invaluable as they have become. I am Damien Vanoy, welcome to Grand Natuna." He steps forward to shake your hand...

                    ... and then steps to one side as the girls come tumbling out. His eyes go hard and frosty, but his gaze is not directed at you or the two you came with. Rather, his attention is riveted on Eda, the one who supposedly works for him.

                    "Came along for the ride, eh sister?" He snaps a quick glance at the plane. "And in one of Tuan's birds, minus Tuan's men."

                    "Yeah, well, you said the hard stuff was running low, so I did my best to cut some corners. It sure is an honor to meet-"

                    "Which must be why you have taken to pushing drugs on the side."
                    Sushulana notes the tone of this conversation and moves off to one side, pulling Kendra along with her. Damein's people have started to gather around (this will happen too quickly for them to do anything about) but keep their distance. He continues; "But that's not my real problem. I want to know why an XPD has been added to my files. Being CIA you should be able to help me out with that."

                    Eda makes a move, instead of talking, which is bad for her.
                    You couldn't even tell Damien was carrying, but suddenly there are two big-bore Derringers in his hands blasting away. All 4 shots hit Eda and tumble her down the runway. He saves the last shot for her head.

                    Damien sighs and the guns are gone from his hands before Eda's body stops rolling.
                    "Dreadful etiquette, I apologize, but I was not about to turn my back on that snake. Seems as if she hitched a ride here just to kill me." He faces Chris and the girls again, trying to smile but its more like a grimace.
                    "Now, lets find out who you three are so we can all relax."

                    The crowd gathering around is pretty odd, diverse would be a mild word. The Black Lagoon crew is more shocked than the rest, but they are used to violence. (Revy and Muro are off having that drinking contest now) There is a living Doll of a woman in a flight suit that is totally unaffected, and a slight Japanese woman who looks close to puking like Kendra is doing now.
                    There are also half a dozen kids that seem to have nothing in common aside from general attractiveness and an enhanced alertness, almost a feral quality in them. They don't seem upset by what just happened at all, and subtly take up a supporting position behind Damien.

                    While you are talking, a young European man (Luchaan) and an Indian Woman (Vondonna) go to "clean up the mess", and yeah, Eda had her hand on a pistol when she died.

                    One of the smaller kids notices Sushulana adjusting her headband and hair, "Does she have horns?"
                    After another kid nudges him, he persists; "You know, like in Elfen Lied."

                    (you can watch it if you like, but its ultra-violent and pretty bent)

                    The look on Sushulana's face is epic... almost as good as the one on Damien's face when she drops her hands and leaves a long, pointed ear showing.

                    What the BLANK?"

                    (I'm so glad Kotomi was here to see that, and Dutch too )


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                      Chris watches it all unfold with one eyebrow raised, his hand never far from his own gun in case Damien is merely insane. When the derringers are empty and everyone is suddenly focused on Sulshanna, he casually mentions to Damien "I don't much care for carting around people that want me dead. Do you have any other personnel problems I should know about?" And as if it will distract from the current 'distraction', he motions towards the rear ramp of the plane...."I'll take a look and see what this Tuan character happened to have lying around under these tarps."
                      Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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                        The question "Who are you people?" is answered by Lori, the barbie-doll with the cryptic (might even seem mocking with its absolute exactness) voice. She names you all and then adds; "All of whom vanished last Summer in Moldova. Disappeared so completely that the search was scaled back, but not cancelled by the intelligence networks of 5 countries. Congratulations are in order, we are curious to know how you evaded all notice for 8 months and crossed Asia in the process." She turns to Damien and adds, mechanically, "I concur, that agent was probably unaware of Sushulana's importance. She came here for you."

                        "My Importance?"

                        "Yes, miss Treewater. For over a year, the various powers of the world have been scooping up all of the world's "psychics", and you were at the top of every list."

                        Originally posted by TacCovert4 View Post
                        When the derringers are empty and everyone is suddenly focused on Sulshanna, he casually mentions to Damien "I don't much care for carting around people that want me dead. Do you have any other personnel problems I should know about?"
                        Damien gives you a sour look, and then remembers something. "Just the gardener." He looks to Lori and nods, "Its time to take care of that fellow the way you wanted to. Things are getting too complicated." Lori nods and heads back to the Villa to take care of that loose end.

                        He turns back to Chris and his women. "Lets get one thing straight, this is my home, I live here with my family." ((his family seems a rather eclectic bunch, few are even of the same race... and then Chris might recall a rumor he had heard of a rather militant gang, running around this part of the world attacking some major suppliers of under-age sex slaves. It seemed like a Quixotic fantasy at the time, but now...))
                        "Now, the issue is if I will offer you sanctuary here, which would bring up to ten the number of Guests I have here. She brought you here, rather than the other way around, so we are still talking here. You also have Pariah's card, so I'm ready to hear you out.
                        And, I'd really like to know why anyone in their right mind would think that pretending to be an Elf would be a good idea for a disguise."

                        He is squinting at Sushulana, wondering if she is crazy in a good way, or in a bad way.

                        Originally posted by TacCovert4 View Post
                        And as if it will distract from the current 'distraction', he motions towards the rear ramp of the plane...."I'll take a look and see what this Tuan character happened to have lying around under these tarps."
                        Your about to be very glad that it gets dark here very quickly after sunset. Heavy machine guns, thousands of rounds of ammo and, incredibly, over a ton of Semtex.
                        Damien smiles and nods out the window at the left main landing strut, which is bent enough to be leaking a couple of gallons of red hydraulic fluid. "Aren't you glad you didn't land just a little bit harder? Hey Dutch, looks like your torpedoes are getting an upgrade."

                        At the very least, this buys you 3 days grace, and a chance to get to know the people here.


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                          Revi and Kasakabe walk into a local dive bar…(no that’s not the opener for a joke okay…). The two find a table and sit down staring at each other. Revi holds up two fingers to the bartender and server. When he arrives with two bottles of local beer the two look at him like he’s stupid.
                          “What’s the is this cat pi$$?!” Revi growls at him. “Barcardi, bring the bottle!”
                          Murotsu takes her beer, turns it upside down still staring at Revi as it pours out onto the floor of the bar. She sets the bottle on the table and slides out two 100,000 Rupiah notes. She points at a bottle near the top shelf behind the bar.
                          “That. Bring bottle, two glass! NOW!” she sneers.
                          “Oh, going hard are we?” Revi says with a grin.

                          The server returns with a bottle of Spirytus and two glasses.

                          you do like it hard!” Revi exclaims as Muro pours the two shot glasses two thirds full.

                          “G ! That is good!” Revi shouts as the two sip their drink.

                          They both start on a second when Kasakabe sees two Aussies playing darts in a corner of the bar.
                          “Dart!” she says pointing in their direction. “Beat punji! Play?”
                          “You and me kick their @$$? You know it!” Revi says finishing off the shot.
                          The two saunter over and start talking to the two men. Murotsu tells them if she and Revi lose they’ll put out. If the guys lose they have to pay the bar tab for them.
                          Revi grabs her and in a loud whisper says “What the are you thinking pimping us out like that?! Are you nuts?!”
                          Murotsu whispers back “Beat like cheap slave. Punji die! Win!”
                          “We lose and I am going to kill you !” Revi grows at her.
                          “Try” Muro says with an evil smile. “Win, no problem.”
                          The bet is made.
                          The guys offer to do a game of Cricket. Murotsu, not familiar with the rules has them explain the game to her.
                          Revi in surprise half shouts “You’ve never played this game! What the !”
                          The two guys grin expecting to beat these two stupid women easily.
                          The first guy takes his turn. He fails to double in.
                          Revi goes next. She shoots a mediocre set of throws.
                          The second guy goes and manages to double in on a sixteen. The two guys look knowingly at each other expecting to win.
                          Murotsu takes her turn. She takes the three darts and hefts each one in her hand for a moment. She takes the last one and twirls it between her fingers then throws it with tremendous force at the board burying it solidly in the 20 double ring. She takes the other two and in quick succession scores a triple 20 and a triple 19. She turns takes her shot glass off the table and downs the whole thing.
                          !” Revi shouts in a combination of surprise and glee.
                          Kasakabe looks at the guys. “Punji lose!”
                          After Kasakabe repeats this performance two more times downing another shot after each round one of the guys says “You’re cheating Sheila!”
                          Murotsu looks at him. “You stupid. I good!”

                          It’s on!

                          He swings at her, she dodges the punch easily. Out come the blades. She’s got one at blade point. Revi has the other guy covered with her Cutlasses now.
                          “Hey, wait a minute here…!” the guy Murotsu is threatening starts to say.
                          “Pay bet or DIE!” Kasakabe sneers at him.
                          “Pay up!” Revi adds scowling at them.
                          After relieving the two of about $200 in a mix of US and Australian dollars and local Rupihas the girls agree the bet is paid.

                          that was intense! Just what I needed!” Revi exclaims. They go back to their table and to drinking.

                          Revi wakes up the next day. She holds her head. “What the happened last night?!” One of her pistols sits on the bed next to her empty with the slide back. She picks it up and looks at it.
                          Then she turns to see Kasakabe is asleep in the bed right next to her. She explodes. Shoving Kasakabe she shouts “Hey wake the…”
                          Kasakabe has a blade at her throat. “Nice or DIE!” she growls at her. “No do anything” she says flatly to Revi. “What think?! Ask first! Yummy, ask first!”
                          Revi ignores the blade and gets up. There is a small frige nearby. Looking inside she finds it stocked with canned beer. “Want one?”
                          Kasakabe shrugs and nods.
                          “By the way what’s you name anyway?”


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                            "I don't think the Elf thing is a disguise" Chris remarks, "or at least it's one she's been using pretty consistently for months. As for the rest of us, yes, the reports have me as Chris. However, since I'm well out of their jurisdiction, my real name is Nathaniel Ryder. Just don't mention that loudly in the US or you'll get some curious looks....I'm already dead."

                            Letting that sink in a bit he turns straight towards Damien "I heard about your little operation back when I was running around in uniform and out. You might know me better by my callsign, Wyoming. That was the one I was beating around Africa in, though I don't know if your family ever took a vacation there to deal with the sort of issues you deal with out here. If you did you're good at keeping quiet, I have some decent informants scattered around that continent. As for why I'm here, you'd have to ask her" He points to Sulshanna "I was minding my own business when she hired me. Or rather the Feds were trying to pick me up to interrogate me about a job I had done months back when we helped each other out. Kendra, she's actually a normal person, that was what the commotion in Romania and Moldova was about, getting her out of there since the Feds decided that America wasn't a place for that type of interrogation."

                            Looking over the weapons and gear under the tarp, Chris comments to Damien "Didn't really know what was here. And I'm not exactly a pilot, so I'll take any landing that doesn't turn into a fireball to be a good one. Though I suppose some new parts are in order. Maybe some trading?"
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                              Sorry for delay. Black laggon crew can stay NPCs.

                              With the rest of the crew busy with there privat projects Dutch thought this would be the perfect time to just relax. Wether by pure chance or that they shared the same tast in establishments Dutch chose the same Bar revy and her new "freinded" visted even so he ignored her has they played darts. Revy was not the best company to keep if you want to just relax.

                              Walking to the bar he sat alone with a nice Heineken. A comostion caught his eye. Revy once again failed to understand the term subtil and don't **** of the locals. Makeing a mental to speaker to her tommorow and to get her head ach tablets.
                              you think you a real "bleep" solders you "bleep" plastic solders don't wory i will make you in to real "bleep" solders!! "bleep" plastic solders

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