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Chapter 2; Something Wicked

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    Musical interlude to set the mood...

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      Actually, that was a bit of foreshadowing...
      Something more in tune with the current situation;
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        Battle Royale'

        Sent to me by TAG-

        At the hotel Lori is growing more concerned about the whole situation they are in. She calls the Isotta and has it fly on autopilot an optimal suborbital trajectory to arrive in Hong Kong. As Murotsu begins to confront the local men in the courtyard it is now just six minutes out and beginning its decent towards Hong Kong.
        Lori tells the one RATS that is still operational to return immediately to the hotel for recovery.
        While this going Lori digs her laser carbine out of the “magic box” and has Kotomi hand her the extended use battery for it from one of the crates.

        Lori also tells Murotsu “I suspect that one or more of our enemies is Zhodani or Anubian.
        “Psi?” Muro replies on her comm link.
        “Yes” Lori confirms. “Unrestricted use of force is recommended. Protocols for psionics are in effect.”

        It is clear to Lori that their opponent has not intention of negotiating and they are not prepared to deal with psionics on anything more than an individual level.
        Lori turns towards Kotomi and points the laser carbine at her. She has out one of her hand held surveillance devices. “Are you part of this; with them? Be honest, this device will detect a lie and that will get you killed.”

        At the courtyard Murotsu and the old man look at each other as the seven men appear. He signals there are three behind her something her Head Up Display has already confirmed.

        I have the situation as two men about 3 meters or so from her in a double doorway, another with a staff about 4 meters distant behind and to one side of the old man, three spread out behind her at about 4 or so meters and one in a second story window that is trying to get his crossbow on her.

        Murotsu grins evilly at the old man and as she does she winks and nods at him. “Salamat!” she says quietly.
        As she does that she fades hard, heightens her strength and agility as much as she can, and resets her thermoptics on full.

        Without moving anything but her left arm she throws in lightning fast succession two knives at the man with the staff. She knows even just a small cut, a nick, and the neurotoxin on those blades will finish him in a matter of seconds. He’s as good as dead.

        As the second knife leaves her hand she turns and sprints towards the two men in the doorway. The world for her moves in slow motion.
        There was more, but that's where the other guys get their actions.

        Muro's first attack goes well, one down, and that is where we start to depart from the narrative.

        You see, the two in the doorway are moving to meet you and won't be caught flat-footed by your attack. They wanted you to come at them.
        The one with the flexible weapon does an under-hand flick... not at you, but at the reluctant "old" man. Its a strange weapon that neither Muro not any but 100 people on this world have ever seen, a type of chain-sword. Its not a big deal in itself, but the fact that its unknown makes it a problem in this fight.

        This casual attack does not catch the old man unawares. He slides off the stool sideways , flipping the edge up to catch the tip of the weapon in the wood.
        In the same motion, he rolls on the ground and snatches up two pebbles and snaps then both at the man with the crossbow. They both hit, and the man goes down screaming.

        Muro notices that in a peripheral way. Her real attention will be on the two targets in front of her. The other one, who's attention is on you, has a pistol-like device in his right hand. Its a bulky thing that has a pilot-lite burning at the muzzle-end, for some reason. His left hand is covered with a rubber glove textured to look like leather, and studded with copper nodes, a stun-glove... but this might be one of the older ones, one that can be set high enough to kill the victim and set their clothes on fire in the process.

        And something I forgot to mention before, something that might throw Murotsu off her stride a little;
        All 6 of the thugs hiss a word at you in unison; "Interloper".
        The bad part is that they didn't say it in Chinese, English, or the language you last used with Lori.
        They said it in the language that Murotsu spoke as a child.

        Muro does not know this part;
        Lori will later review the footage from the just-freed RAT... well, I'll save that for later.
        She's busy pointing a weapon at Kotomi ATM anyway.

        Oh, and just in case you were wondering what this guy that got sucked into the middle of this looks like;


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          It takes Muro only a second to reach the and finish the lead guy in the doorway. His chain sword is sprawled out towards the old man and there is no room for him to reset for a shot at Murotsu. As she reaches him one blade plunges into his chest, the other takes off his right arm just below the shoulder. He falls away from her mortally wounded.
          Murotsu turns to attack the man next to him. As she does he half blindly sprays her with his flame weapon. He cannot completely make out her position because of the thermoptics but manages to catch her helmet and cover it in flames.
          Ignoring the flames for the moment as the suit protects her, she continues past him into the building pirouetting as she goes to attack him from the side and rear arms out with blades if he's in reach. Murotsu isn’t completely sure just where he is as the flames have blotted out the thermal vision on the head up display of the suit. She still tears him nearly in two with a twelve inch blade that cuts through his right arm, then chest, spine and comes out his left side. As she does he manages to grab her right wrist with his free hand but Murotsu instinctively arm bars him and frees it in an instant.
          She can feel the hit. His upper torso and head topple over backwards leaving the rest of his body standing as it was. Blood sprays from his body and ruins the thermoptic camouflage of Kasakabe’s suit.
          As the blades come free she pulls her left hand one in and uses that free hand to remove her helmet so she can see. The flames on it dying out as she drops it to the floor.
          She is absolutely pissed that these guys are refusing to negotiate with her and even more pissed at their boss for doing that. Murotsu wants to make it graphic killing them. She thinks that this is total disrespect by another professional "made" criminal towards her. She shouts "Korxaklar punji oelmaek!" in Ral Ranthan. (Die you s.o.b. cowards!)
          Two of the remaining three bad guys are headed for her with extendible batons, one male, one female. The third is after the old man, who continued his roll under the cart next to him. The clutter of the courtyard slows them momentarily.
          Murotsu turns to face them fully. As the two reach her both try to strike with their batons. She parries one baton and it fails to hit home, missing her completely. The parried baton does not meet the edge of the blade head-on so Murotsu fails to cut it in half.
          Kasakabe’s other blade literally disarms the woman cutting off her baton wielding arm at the elbow. As this happens Murotsu wraps her other arm around the guy’s and twists with all her enhanced strength dislocating his shoulder. He screams like Lady Ga-Ga at a Church Social.
          Ignoring the woman as disarmed (no pun intended). She rips his throat wide open to the spine still locked to his arm. But, the arm she has is not the one with the baton. He makes a last attempt to hit her with it. She hastily tries to block this attack and lets go of his other arm. Her block catches his hand end on and cuts through his hand and arm half way to the elbow. His baton hits her over the head, with reduced but still considerable force and Muro for a moment sees stars. The old man throw another pebble, that splashes into his left ear of the last thug who hesitated seeing he was now between two very dangerous opponents by himself.
          Muro is used to pain but howls over the strike anyway. Rubbing her head she walks over to the old man and bows to him. She then claps her hands twice and puts them together saying something in Ral Ranthan (a short prayer of thanks).
          He looks up at her. He is, from this close, a horrible and fascinating sight. His age is hard to guess, from 40-60 given the local standards. "They... no, HE is interested in you, Kasakabe. That is not a good thing. Ouch..." He gets to his feet and brushes himself off.
          She then takes out a small dagger and presents it to him as she shakes off the baton strike. "Who interest? No negotiate. No honor try war first." She replies. "Talk first. Fight later. Honor deal. How know me too?"
          The thing that makes him so interesting is they beyond burned-out look in his eyes. Nobody is supposed to be still functional and caring when they look the way he does. "I'm sorry to ... oh, for me?" He accepts the dagger with the grace a Knight would have, the real kind, and moves with that economy of motion that you would expect from a master. "I am the Pariah, a herald of sorts, but an interloper as well. We haven't much time, where are your friends? Merrin will be after them as well, now."
          "Imperial Kowloon" Murotsu replies. "Call Isotta. Go where nobody get. How know me?" she asks again. Merrin fool no negotiate. Universal syndicate rule. Talk first."
          "I know you because an insane dragon with mind-reach has been watching you since you arrived here. My one and only gift is that I can read his mind without being noticed. But I can't control it... which is another reason time is short, young lady. I wanted to get these people before they could get to you, I'm sorry I failed this time. You are rather slippery when you want to be, eh?" He glances at her suit with the ghost of a smile.
          “Owato Clan. Best in 'verse! Never there, all die!" She says proudly to him. Pariah seems a little non-pulsed at what she just said, "Call Isotta?"
          "Isotta. Gravcoupe. Friend safe. Go where no one get" Muro says pointing at the Moon now that it is out.
          He looks at the moon a moment. "A splendid specimen, isn't it?" talking about the moon as is he has seen others. "We can speak freely now that I am with you, there seems to be some sort of shadow around me that Merrin cannot penetrate... otherwise I can't imagine why I continue to exist. However, if they are listening to us that might not be the case."
          Right on time, police whistles sound and the pounding of boots on pavement come towards you.
          "Time has run out, damn."
          Muro grabs her helmet and other items of hers (if any are not on her). "Go. Lead, K?"
          "Lead?" He looks around. "Call your friends then." and he leads you up the Hill in the background of the picture.
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            Alright then, as you can see, I keep my promises. I will keep this going with even one player on board.
            And maybe the rest of the players would like to get on board now that the big reveal is here.


            Now, before they pick-up, Lori was reviewing the footage of the fight from the perspective of the RATs.
            Lori looks at the review of the fight, and something she saw makes her blink. Pariah rolled and scooped up two little rocks and after holding them in his hand for less than half a second threw then with startling accuracy ; BOTH hit hard enough to blind that Crossbowman from ten meters away. The second throw confirms that this was not a fluke, he threw a tiny bolt of iron INTO that other guy's eardrum. Now... people can't do that because it would take an insane amount of practice/training/experience. It COULD be done, and the math in Lori's head gives her the answer; say, about 400 years should be enough to get a dedicated man up to that level. How else to explain it? And.... how could a man live that long? Not just age-wise, but not get killed in the process on a world like this.

            4 people are soon piled into 2-seater, which means only a short trip is possible. Pariah points out a small island in the south China Sea and the set down deep in the interior-

            Lori almost immediately asks him "Where exactly are you from? Are you some branch of Anubian, Cytrailian, or other psionic branch of humanitii? I saw the results on Kotomi's detection equipment."

            That actually surprises Muro as she wasn't thinking that way.

            Before the rest of this can start Pariah will fix Kotomi with a bottomless stare and say "Whatever you hear, what ever conclusions you make, you mush know that this is NOT YOUR FAULT. What you did was with the purest intentions and something wicked took advantage of it. Are we clear on that?" And he will ignore the others until she accepts that, Its important to him.
            He is also unarmed and has no special gear on him

            "Murotsu is psionic and a clairvoyant. She will read you if necessary..." Lori adds.

            Pariah reads as ordinary human, 32 years old, native of Earth.... oh snap. He looks as if he could be twice that, but your equipment is reading right on the rest of you.

            It is clear Lori is not going to take a poor answer or a dodge from him. "Has shield" Murotsu tells Lori.
            Pariah will not dodge, but he is not going to be rushed.

            He smiles. "Not a shield, as you would think of it. More like a shadow that one mind cannot seem to see into. Ladies, I beg you, please do not look into my mind. If you do, and I happen to be looking into HIM at the moment, you will instantly be hot-wired into a world of **** from which there can be no coming back. Do we understand each other?"

            They do.

            Kotomi jumps in. "We should have some tea and take our time with this. Is that a good idea? I'll make some. I have some really good green tea in my bag in the car."
            She would also be curious, and probably worried about His assurances that is "not your fault" ... this is bad sh!t.

            Kotomi makes tea (something Lori would like as would Kotomi), Muro accepts, Pariah does as well, and they sit and talk. That part would please Murotsu in particular with her code of ethics such as it is. That is negotiating for her.

            And so the Pariah begins to talk about what really matters.
            As already mentioned, he knows all about Kotomi's works and even more than you do about the implications;

            "Something came through, well, several somethings with your brave experiment, the one that saved that little family. These two" glances at Lori and Kotomi, "the warrior/assassin that you saw devoured by his own powers, and another fighter of some note. It was no accident that you saw Gaara die like that, Merrin made it happen. And who is Merrin? His true name is Mekratrig Kirin," and he says that with an unfathomable accent, "Which you should NEVER say out loud or he will land on you like the World trade center.
            His title is The Great Grey Emperor of Lista, the Killer of Kali and the Bane of the Streegoi, founder of the Ulistarri Throne. Litch-Breaker. He's... not from around here. And yes, he is Dragon. And
            Psionic. And... he's slowly going insane. But that's not the worst part. The worst part is that he KNOWS exactly what is happening to him. I can't imagine a worse fate for a mentalist, but this has turned him to a path that is a dreadful thing indeed.
            He's here because he is looking for a world to make an example of. Not to destroy it, but to torture it
            for its wicked ways until the soul-scream of your people echoes through the multi-verse and turns the people of other worlds from the path of wickedness and gives all those other worlds the nudge they need into true goodness and righteousness. That is his plan, and his wanderings have brought him here to you."

            Pariah pauses then, to let this information sink in. Naturally, Lori's tactlessness is the first thing to break the silence.

            "WorldTradeCenter?" Lori asks confused by the reference. "I am not familiar with the names and locations you referenced. Are these within known space?"
            "Punji need die" Murotsu interjects.

            "I don't think you or he are from our universe but an alternate one" Kotomi says

            Pariah chooses to answer Kotomi;
            "Well, his home world is one that travels contra-wise to universal expansion. Its hard to explain, but the word itself has been know to breach dimensional membranes. He simply observed the process and learned to duplicate it with the power of his rather considerable mind." He looks at Murotsu , "Punji? Do you know what a Dragon is? Wingspan 218 feet, bite-radius 7 feet. Ah... is see that means something to you." And its time for a flash-back to that nightmare of being in a monstrous mouth.

            "Punji... Bastard... Useless man" Murotsu clarifies showing her contempt for him.
            "Is he a derivative of Droyne?" Lori asks.
            "If I showed you a star map of this portion of this galaxy could you locate that world on it?" Lori asks next.

            "No, I have not the skill that would allow that, and it would mean nothing at any rate. He will not return there, he left disgraced, to his way of thinking... which is somewhat skewed, as you can imagine."

            "So he is badly defective?" Lori asks.

            "Lori.... we are talking about a brain the size of your vehicle that has been fully actualized in the Psionic arts. His sanity was mauled in a way that cannot be reversed. What more can I say about that matter?"

            "Mental capacity is not based on size and I am not a scientist and know that" Lori replies matter-of-factly.Pariah shakes his head, but she goes on. "It is also clear that this... Dragon is very dangerous both to this world and us. We require more data on him. If you have specific recommendations for actions those would be useful too."
            "How kill?" Murotsu asks

            Okay... I'll leave that for later. "Recommendations? I have one for you, just one; try to prove to him that this is not the world he is looking for. Find some way to prove that this world is not hopeless, that the Human Race is not irredeemably flawed. He has a code, and he adheres to it. That code says he has to give you a chance, and that chance is real, but fleeting. HE will be the one that decides in the end, but there is hope for you. My job was to let you know what is happening, and to help if I can, again."

            "Understood" Lori replies. She looks directly at Pariah. "Kasakabe and I are not of this world. You know that. It is not our fight in the end." She then looks at Kotomi. "This is your battle. How can we help you win it?"

            "How use code?" Murotsu asks Pariah. "How negotiate?"

            "In our time, mine and Kasakabe's" this world is the orgin of a race known as Solomani" Lori adds. "That is 36 centuries in the future. If that future is to be then we are successful here. We need to determine how that occurs."

            Paraiah nods. "Yes, he took direct action against you because he wants this to by humanity's fight. He has the ability to mentally dominate a score of people at a time... ah, that means 20 or more. Those people did not negotiate because Merrin is a very physical negotiator. He made himself an Emperor and is not swayed by arguments, only actions. Ah... good point Lori. But I can help with that .... despite the fact that you are making me tell a lot in one go. Kotomi, am I going too fast for you?"

            "Even though all this has me terrified I get the idea even if I can't follow the details" Kotomi replies. "There's this evil dragon guy who wants to enslave the planet and torture us... Sort of like Kim Jong Il the Korean dictator only over the whole planet. He's crazy and we have to find a way to reason with him. That about right?"

            He shrugs. "I have had some experience in this. I have lived and died 71 times averting this menace, helping people in what ways I can. But ... I have rarely seen a world so primed, so close to what he is Looking for." And there you have a host of answers right there. "Reason? He took the short cut here that you provided because he sees the facts of a corrupt world. Change the facts, as he sees them, and you will be safe."

            "Is there some way we can come to an interm agreement with him to have him leave myself and Murotsu alone if we agree to not be the ones making the fight for this world?" Lori asks. "In the end Kasakabe and I simply want to return to our own time. We might even take you Kotomi if you want to go The problem for us is the continual fighting we are having to do is interferring with us finding a way home. We will help Kotomi and those here but this is really their fight, not ours."

            Pariah leans forward and speaks ti Kotomi with a special intensity "It won't be like North Korea, your people will be free to be the worst they can be.Once he takes his last steps, your people will know war un-ending, power, glory, ruin, misery and endless frustration & outrages.... but they will never know a moment's peace." He turns to Lori again, "Yes, that is why I brought you here. There is a man here with the resources you need to finsih your work, and he will keep you sheltered if you help defend his rather large family. You say here and you will have your grace period, and there will be pleanty to do, even for you Murotsu. This I promise you."

            "Need contract" Murotsu says. "Deal. No go back if make deal."

            "Go down that trail at daybreak and find a fellow named Damien. He's rather strict about honoring the deal as well."

            And there you have it.
            Well, far from all of it, but reading that should show why I was doing some things in a way that might have irritated some of you, or made you wonder what was going on here.
            The chapter is almost over. Heh, when I use the chapter title in a sentence its a bit of a give-away, I guess... and the story path in the next 2 chapters passes from my hands to yours. All I do now it provide guidance, options and a few twists along the way.

            I would not recommend taking this monster head-on, that's what Gaara was for. His chances were not great, but H could have bought you some time, anyway.

            A few brave, dedicated people will continue on. Perhaps that will be enough.


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              October 6, 2009;
              Natuna Besar

              Pariah advised you to leave your Speeder behind and walk in. The sun is coming up, after all. One good thing about the Jungle is that there is always a lot of fresh foliage around to use for cammo.
              When that is done, he leads you down the trail to where the island is a little more populated. (this might be your last chance to ask him some questions)
              Since you are headed east and the sun is coming up, this pic seems adequate;

              Down there you find a group of people that are a little hard to figure out. It seems, at first glance, to be a day-care of some sort. Over a dozen children and 2 adults are there, and none of them seem related to each other. However, the group dynamic is closer than something casual, and they all turn to meet you before you can introduce yourselves... and they do it in a way that makes you certain that some of them are armed and and they are all very protective of each other.
              This is in the vicinity of the orange roof.

              At that instant, you realize that the Pariah has vanished somewhere along the path as you were walking down the hill.
              Before you can panic, the male adult turns to you while still talking on his cell phone.
              "Yes, they just arrived." Looking straight at you, and he smiles, "Your going to have to tell me how you manage these little miracles some day." and he puts the phone away.

              "Relax everyone." Said more to the people around him than to you three. He steps forward and nods to you. "I am Damien Vanoy. I hear that two of you need my help with your little science project, and the other one would compensate me for my help by protecting my family." He can tell at a glance who is who here. "It seems that we have much to talk about."


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                Musical interlude as the head down the trail:


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                  That's nice, but I could use some RP interaction as well. :P
                  Purposely halted at a place where you can ask a few questions and then handle your interview with Damien.


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                    Originally posted by TacCovert4 View Post
                    Chris takes his time, getting his truck repaired and getting some 'honest work' done. He spends some off and on time with Kendra, but purposefully avoids going back to the hospital. The Feds want to ask questions....then it's better he just avoid any potential situations.....
                    I understand.
                    Lets advance things a little, I'd like the group to start coming together a little.

                    July, 2011, South Dakota.
                    Not much has changed, except that the work has started to dry up. No jobs at all lately, in fact. You have all the local, honest work you can handle since so many people started heading for the frakking fields up north, but now you are starting to feel your age.

                    mid-summer slack time finds you in a bar on a monday night, alone except for half a dozen depressed and depressing drifters not unlike yourself. Kendra has passed her peak but still trying to compete, which makes her scratchy and argumentative, best to avoid right now.
                    Ah, but you get a call, right there at the bar... maybe you have visited this one too often. Its her family, asking if you have seen her today... and I can just imagine how short Chris is with them.

                    A couple of hours later you are wondering what to do with a week of nothing ahead. That's when the doors fly open and 3 Feds come in. Yes, they try to dress local, but there is no mistaking the type. And of course, they are here for you.
                    However, the arrogant air just isn't there. They are not advancing on a dangerous man they way they should. Their eyes are everywhere but you, as if they are afraid of the very shadows, and doing their best to stare down the other patrons.

                    With mixed success, there is this old Navy hand (amazing how many of those you find in the mid-west) with hands like mallets that looks like he's ready to throw these guys out the window.

                    The younger of the three, a woman in fact, goes to you. "Sir?" manages to make that not sound like a 4-letter word, these people really do seem upset about something, something not you. "Agent Stiles, Secret Service, can we talk?" She is one of those butch, walled-up types that always seem to end up in Govt work.

                    "That man in the hospital, the one in a comma, has vanished. We need to get you out of here and put you somewhere safe. A lot of strange things have been happening, in case you haven't noticed."
                    Chris can get out one snappy retort, But it really won't matter what he says. Stiles's hand flashes to her earpiece. "What? Make sense!" She orders you to "Stay here! Marks, with me." and those two dash out the front door. That leaves the one with a hand in his pocket at the other end of the bar, watching you with his back to the window.

                    Chris can see him as well in the mirror behind the racks of booze... and one of those 'strange things' happens as he is watching. A small, dark woman that you might take for an Indian climbs halfway through that window, notices that thug and whispers something at his ear from ten feet away. That man suddenly looses interest in you, shrugs, and sits at a table to pour himself a beer from somebody's pitcher.
                    This odd little woman, who you can now see has blond hair tucked up under her big floppy hat, finishes climbing through the window and quickly walks up to you with her little legs scissoring like a sand-piper.

                    She takes the stool next to you in an odd way, putting one knee up and levering her 60-inch body up to be even with yours. She flashes you a smile in the mirror that is simply dazzling, a combination of eager sincerity and openness that can't be faked... however, there is something about her that is not exactly of this world.
                    Not wrong, exactly, just and other-ness about her.
                    "Hey big fella, you must be Chris, right?" English is not her first language, but its impossible for you to place her accent. She combines a Germanic thrum with a New Orleans sort of lazy jaw.

                    You have heard enough car-bombs in your time to know what one going off in the parking lot sounds like.
                    And this girl sitting next to you didn't even flinch.

                    What she does do is clear her voice and say, in her best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice; "Come with me if you want to live!" And, still smiling, gives you and encouraging nod.
                    "We have a Dragon to slay."

                    And, you gotta know, the Feds are gonna blame you for what just happened.
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                      "Follow Me" Chris says, and snatches her out the back, giving a 'I wasn't here' look to the old Chief.

                      Chris looks at her as they duck through a loading door and out to the side of the building. "I don't know what this is, but you're going to answer questions later". Dashing between buildings they come up on a fence. Chris gets out a key and unlocks a small gate, locking it behind him. "I assume you have your own ride, if you don't get caught for that stunt you pulled, meet me in that stand of cottonwoods ten miles East of town on old miller road".

                      Leaving the strange woman at the fence, Chris ducks around a building to a storage unit he paid cash for years back. Popping the lock and the 'sheriff's seal' he had placed on it, he opens the narrow unit and steps inside.

                      Inside the storage unit is a Softail, blacked out, with a scabbard on the side of well-oiled leather for holding a cut-down shotgun. He slings saddlebags across the back, filled with several days worth of clothes, magazines, and boxes of ammo for his weapons. Chris pulls off his one pistol and drops it into the holster on his full rig, then changes his shirt and slings on a concealed vest and his pistols, checking them to make sure they're loaded and ready. He takes a moment to roll his AR up in a blanket and strap it to the back, along with putting a loop over his hat to hold it down as well, then rolls the door up. Buckling the scabbard flap down over the 12 gauge inside, he flips the visor out of his half-helm, covering the top third of his face, and starts the souped-up Harley.....tearing off out of town to the North, before turning East.....
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                        Originally posted by TacCovert4 View Post
                        .....tearing off out of town to the North, before turning East.....
                        The look on her face was priceless when you left her at the gate, and she is pissed now... but its more like the kind of pissed people get after a good joke.

                        There was no vehicle around when you pulled up, but as soon as you slowed down she stepped out from behind a tree hiding her eyes from your headlight.

                        "My, aren't we off to a fine start." She purrs once you shut the engine off. If you turn the headlight down as well, she uncovers her eyes... which are slanted but not in any particularly Asian way... and the iris seems to be outlined by a faint blue glow, but that might be a trick of the light.

                        "Look, I've been awake for 3 days, so I am not at my best right now. I need someone to help me stay alive and you want to keep your freedom. What do you say we partner up... or I'll pay you whatever the mercenary wage is plus benefits if that's the way you want it?"
                        She nods back at the tiny town where a fire is still burning.
                        "They will probably blame that on you, but it couldn't be helped. I know how those creatures operate. They decided you were already guilty of something before they even came looking for you." She holds out a 4-fingerd hand for you to shake.
                        "I'm Sushulana. You wanna hit me with those questions now or get rolling before those cars get here?"

                        There are 3 sets of headlights about 2 miles away, headed this way.

                        And if you agree to take her along, she will direct you to go, not back to the road, but between 2 trees, and is very insistent about it.


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                          "I don't know who the hell you are, but you have a very interesting way of showing concern for my well being." Chris points to the headlights..."I spent years building this cover, I've got enough demons in my past and now you're going to make sure someone takes all the time they need to figure out exactly what they are."

                          Chris slides the shotgun out of the scabbard as he dismounts from the bike. "You do realize that I have every inclination to give you both barrels of this right now and ride away." Chris mutters under his breath for a moment about *occurrances* and *dragon* and *claws* and *girl*. "If you can help me find out where Kendra is as a condition, we have a deal. Her folks say she vanished a bit ago, and she's got nothing to do with any of this craziness" Chris motions around. "As for a going rate, I don't think this classifies as standard under any circumstances. My vig is twenty per day, plus expenses. And those start now." As Chris takes off the bedroll with his rifle and tosses it to her, and slings the saddlebags across his shoulder he notes "You owe me one truck, one trailer, one steak sandwich, and one beer so far." Chris fumbles in the saddlebag and then opens the filler cap on the beautiful Harley. "And you owe me one very nice motorcycle. Život je sranje, a onda umreš", Chris says. He sticks a cylinder in the filler hole, and pulls the pin, before jogging away between the trees.

                          A few seconds later the gas tank shoots the smoke grenade out of the filler hole behind a small burst of flame, the HC and gasoline burning to make choking smoke around the now ruined motorcycle.
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                            The three follow Pariah down the tail. Lori tells Kotomi that the gravcoupe is safe and that she set the alarm system on it. “We can call it when needed.”
                            As they go it is clearly apparent the Lori does not like being outdoors. She makes every effort to avoid even touching plants and other things on the trail. More than once she uses the laser carbine to sear down all the foliage along it so she won’t have to interact with it. She keeps her thermoptic environmental suit fully closed as well.
                            Kotomi chides her about this. “Do you have to do that?!” (laser down the foliage) “I mean really! It’s like you don’t even want to touch the leaves!”
                            “I do not want to interact with the indigenous life here” Lori replies in pilot voice.
                            “You really don’t like ‘outdoors’ do you? As advanced as your world is supposed to be how come they haven’t just fixed that problem?”

                            Lori stops and looks at Kotomi. She raises the visor on her suit too. “If we were on Ginshar you would feel just as uncomfortable as I do here” she tells her in a very serious voice.
                            Kasakabe jumps into this. “Lori right! Ginshar hard to take. Know. There twice!”
                            Pariah just stands to one side listening.
                            “Really?!” Kotomi replies in mild surprise. “You’ve been to Lori’s world then? What’s it like?!”
                            “Sterile. Like lab, hospital. All artificial. People all made lab. All secret. Escort, guard go anywhere” Kasakabe tells Kotomi.
                            Kotomi thinks about it for a moment. “That does sound awful.” She turns and looks at Lori. “I’m really sorry for chiding you like that. It must be hard for you being in such an Alien environment.
                            “It is hard for non-Ginsharians” Lori replies. “Security is very tight too. My world is very different and synthetic human analogs such as myself are very rare where Murotsu and I come from. It makes things there hard for me just as it does here. I apologize again for threatening you at the hotel; I was just doing as I was programmed to do.”
                            “I know that” Kotomi replies. “Both of you have been trying so hard to help and now with this Merrick situation and…” she starts crying. “What am I supposed to do?!”

                            Lori looks at Pariah. Is Merrick in this dimension or another right now?”
                            The questions that follow are the ones that are asked. I don’t know what the replies would be.
                            Without waiting for an answer she asks Why did he involve us in this? It makes no strategic or tactical sense… and I am specifically equipped to deal with military situations… to involve us. By doing so Merrick opened up the possibility of his defeat. This would have been unlikely, even impossible, if Murotsu, myself, and Kotomi were not involved and not aware of his presence.”
                            Kotomi thinks about that for a moment. Lori’s absolutely right! If he wanted maximum chaos and disorder getting anyone or thing involved that could prevent that is… it is insane!
                            Kasakabe just looks bored by that whole philosophical discussion. What get Merrick attention? she asks. What Merrick ignore? What weakness? How kill?” she nearly sneers with what the others take to be sheer pleasure in the idea that she would get to kill someone powerful and challenging.
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                              Coincidentally was listening to the perfect tune for Chris's scene here-

                              Originally posted by TacCovert4 View Post
                              "I don't know who the hell you are, but you have a very interesting way of showing concern for my well being." Chris points to the headlights..."I spent years building this cover, I've got enough demons in my past and now you're going to make sure someone takes all the time they need to figure out exactly what they are."
                              "That was already gone! I followed the SS to you, not the other way around. Your aura looked okay, so-"

                              Originally posted by TacCovert4 View Post
                              Chris slides the shotgun out of the scabbard as he dismounts from the bike. "You do realize that I have every inclination to give you both barrels of this right now and ride away." Chris mutters under his breath for a moment about *occurrances* and *dragon* and *claws* and *girl*.
                              THAT shuts her up... for the time being.
                              Originally posted by TacCovert4 View Post
                              "If you can help me find out where Kendra is as a condition, we have a deal. Her folks say she vanished a bit ago, and she's got nothing to do with any of this craziness" Chris motions around. "As for a going rate, I don't think this classifies as standard under any circumstances. My vig is twenty per day, plus expenses. And those start now." As Chris takes off the bedroll with his rifle and tosses it to her, and slings the saddlebags across his shoulder he notes "You owe me one truck, one trailer, one steak sandwich, and one beer so far." Chris fumbles in the saddlebag and then opens the filler cap on the beautiful Harley. "And you owe me one very nice motorcycle. Život je sranje, a onda umreš", Chris says. He sticks a cylinder in the filler hole, and pulls the pin, before jogging away between the trees.
                              "You didn't have to do that!" But she is doing whatever he wants, even taking off her Clint Eastwood style poncho to cover the rifle with. What she has on underneath is like Goth clashing with the SCA, but the body underneath would stop anyone but Lady Ga-Ga from having anything critical so say about it.

                              You approach the trees and She puts on a pair of sunglasses, and holds another one out to you as pass between them.
                              "Welcome to-


                              - Transylvania... you dorkhead."

                              Its summer here too, that's a frame of reference for Chris to cling to. Sushulana puts an arm around his and starts chattering away in Romanian as if she was born to it, and that cockeyed accent of her's seems less out of place.
                              The people glance back at you, and the child blinks but says nothing. For just a heartbeat or two, its seems like one of them might question the impossible, or confront the fact that 2 people have suddenly appeared where their instincts told them there were none a second before.
                              But the moment passes, and they go on with their lives, avoiding the idea of the incredible with shocking ease. Sushulana continues with her act and carries you along with her, playing the part of some sort of local kid having fun with somebody that might be a "rich uncle", as it were.

                              She won't drop the act until she gets you up to the copula in the upper right corner.
                              "Now listen to me you son-of-a-witch prick bastardo, those people back there are nothing next to what is really going on, they are running scared and clutching at dried grasses. They were clutching you next. You think you'd like protective custody you just go running back to them. But they are loosing their powers and not nice in the head now!" She fumbles with a tiny leather pouch and hands it to you."
                              "You want 20 a day. 20 what, carrots? Look in there and tell me if that's enough." There are 4 gemstones in there, so dense they draw heat from your fingers. There could be a lot more than 20 karats in there.

                              "I need sleep! I'm getting stupid, and stupid means trouble. You keep me safe for a day and I will tell you where your girl is. But I'm getting sloppy, that gate ... too much."
                              And she is getting sloppy. Even tho she made sure your guns were covered, the Colt Python with the 6" ribbed barrel and the 1.8 power scope in the small of her back is showing. Fortunately, nobody was behind you that you could tell.

                              In daylight, she does look drained, must have been a hectic 3 days.


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