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    "Everyone has 'certain problems', aye? I'm not sure myself what's coming, which is a very bad thing in itself. The only thing I'm really sure of is that I will probably need a crew of gunslingers that can fight with their heads as well as with guns that never seem to miss. Have I got the right people?"

    A ten year-old Thai girl asks (in very good English); "Will they be able to protect the Maltese Falcon?"

    Damien just holds up a hand for silence... and he almost gets it.

    Revy sneers; "The (bleep)ing heroes of Balikpapan, what a-"
    A boy of about 13 sitting across from her nods fiercely and smiles, cutting her off. "Yes yes, you really are, we saw the whole thing. You were amazing!"
    Its not what he says that stops Revy cold, but the thick Romanian accent.

    Benny; "You saw it?"
    "Yup, yes, hacked the Al-Jezeera live-feed, per-production, not the edited junk they put on the air."

    Damien snaps his fingers and holds his hand up again. "Perhaps you need some time to think about it. I have some walking around money for you, and in any case it would be a bad idea leave just now. So, lets just enjoy a nice, quiet Sunday, alright?"
    "We will give it some thought, but has you said it is a nice sunday and we in no rush, you were our only job planned. Do the guys we tangoed with have any link"
    you think you a real "bleep" solders you "bleep" plastic solders don't wory i will make you in to real "bleep" solders!! "bleep" plastic solders

    CPO Mzinyati


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