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    Shameless plug for the WWI Macedonian Campaign game. It's a long-running RPG/Tactical game, now on its 8th episode. Each episode is its own challenge, both against the team of players, and between the players themselves (though the latter is normally accidental and internal). There are several well-established members playing this game that can assist anyone that's got the time through it. There are both officer and quite a few sergeant positions available, in various unit types (in this episode there's infantry, cavalry, light artillery, machine guns, company HQ, and even Light Armor).

    The Average weekly time commitment is approximately 2 hours, split into 3-4 periods throughout the week. Initiative is fleeting, and in order to keep the 'real time' aspect to the game decisions are made and passed down throughout the week. Updates are made regularly. But individually most players can put in as little as three to four short posts, or as much as seven or eight hours a week.

    So if you like wargaming, want to work something smaller than a battalion or army (most commands are section-squad-platoon sized) in a dynamic team game, and typically get on ACG more than 3-4 times a week, come on over to the WWI forum!
    Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene

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    I concur with Tac. It is a hell of a game.
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